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My name is Mike Rogge. My work as a journalist and film producer began at Ski The East then continued at Powder Magazine, ESPNVice Sports, and The Ski Journal. After that I went into writing, directing, and, later, shooting and producing short films that appeared across the world from the Brooklyn Museum to PBS and the Banff Mountain International Film Fest Festival.

My company, Verb Cabin, purchased Mountain Gazette in January 2020 in an effort to bring back the beloved title. I love nostalgia and the history of mountain culture. I also love a good f*cking challenge. Through it all I’ve learned just as much from failure as I have from wins. 


Media, especially outdoor media, is broken. The old advertising model is dead, the new way of delivering content is too reliant on affiliate sales, click-bait, and pay-to-play gear reviews. Social media, and the internet at large, is sort of trash.

Nobody writes stories about the joy of going outside. Nobody is interested in tales about how people live, work, and play outside. Nobody, that is, except for those of us working here at Mountain Gazette. Through print, Mountain Gazette aims to deliver stories straight from the hearts of mountain town people to your inbox, feed, and mailbox. And you know, it's working. We sold out of our first revival issue in six weeks. We’ve sold out of every issue since then. We’re great at making magazines, if I may be so bold to say so, because of the collective people it takes to make each issue entirely unique.

Together, with a mighty staff made up of old friends and new, and an incredible group of subscribers, I am focused on unearthing the classic Mountain Gazette issues and celebrating the heritage of the original outdoor magazine.

Mountain Gazette
’s been home to some of the world’s greatest writers and craftiest photographers, but until now those stories and photos were buried in ski bum garages and dusty, old antique shops. 

You can follow our progress on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. You can drop me a line anytime. 

Most importantly, with the return of Mountain Gazette, I want you to know this isn't my magazine. It's yours. Learn more. 

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