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The Mountain Gazette Library is a new, narrated audiobook series from the publisher of Mountain Gazette. This is the only way to experience stories from our deep archive of previously published issues of Mountain Gazette. 

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Ten Narrated Episodes

The 10-episode series will feature ten stories from the Mountain Gazette archive. Founded in 1966, the magazine’s contributors include Edward Abbey (Episode 1), Royal Robbins (Episode 2), Katie Lee (episode 3), and more.

Other current and former Mountain Gazette contributors in the first season include Barry Corbet, Sadie Stein, Norman Maclean, Doug Schnitzspahn, Peter Kray, Randy LaChapelle, and Ingrid Backstrom. Plans for a season 2 are currently underway.

The Library Team — Hosted and produced by John Buzdar, Executive Produced by Mike Rogge, Marketing by Austin Holt, Produced by Conor Sedmak, Social Media by Aimee Doran, and Public Relations by Riann Rhoe. 

Story Ten - Ingrid Backstrom and "A Woman's Place Is at the Top"

Story Nine - Peter Kray and "The Ghost Hotel Ski Chile, Part 2"

Story Nine - Peter Kray and "The Ghost Hotel Ski Chile, Part 1"

Story Eight - Randy LaChapelle and "Growing Up High"

Story Seven - Doug Schnitzspahn and "The Wisdom of NEOWISE"

Story Six - Norman Maclean and "Retrievers Good and Bad"

Story Five - Sadie Stein and "New York Is for the Birds"

Story Four - Barry Corbet and "Hallucinations"

Story Three - Katie Lee and "The Ride"

Story Two - Royal Robbings and "A Dream of White Horses"

Story One - Edward Abbey and "Where's Tonto"

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