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Mountain Gazette

Mountain Gazette Annual Subscription

"Each issue is more coffee table book than magazine."

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Subscribe today and get Mountain Gazette 198, the Fall 2022 issue

Mountain Gazette subscription guarantees you receive our two issues per year, delivered right to your door or PO Box, in the spring and fall seasons. Our magazines do not appear on newsstands.

“I love the magazine. Feels like Powder x This American Life. The perfect antidote to mega pass madness.” -Paul, subscriber,  Seattle, Washington  

"Thanks assholes. This magazine is so big I need to buy new furniture." -Dave, subscriber, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Nothing surprises me anymore. Mountain Gazette does, though, every six months." -Roger, subscriber, Burlington, Vermont

11" x 17"

The first thing that people say when they see our mag is, "this thing is HUGE!" At nearly two feet wide when opened, each issue of Mountain Gazette offers a uniquely immersive experience. Size matters.


130+ pages per issue

Every issue comes fully loaded with enough content to keep you opening old issues for years. These are collectors items.


Meaningful Partnerships > Advertising

The old magazine model - absurdly cheap subscriptions packed with more ads than articles - died for a reason. Mountain Gazette works with a small hand-picked selection of advertisers who produce engaging content.


Large format photography

You actually get to see the cracks in the crags, the snow on the peaks, the pupils on peoples' eyes, and in one case you actually see a man's testicles as he is about to hit a jump (sorry about that).