Five Reasons Why With Mountain Gazette

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try Mountain Gazette 

  1. You f*cking love advertising - little ads, big ads, hidden ads that follow you
  2. You judge the quality of a mountain town by its film festival
  3. You hope your magazine can help you run a marathon (it can’t)
  4. You like tiny articles and crappy photography  
  5. You like skimming the same sh*t, written by a new unpaid intern, year after year 

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Mountain Gazette

  1. You appreciate amazing editorial and uncensored journalism 
  2. Your coffee table looks like sh*t without our massive 11x17 collectible journal 
  3. Our magazine has limited, tasteful advertising  
  4. No gear, no resort guides…just incredible storytelling and stunning photography 
  5. This isn’t our magazine. It’s yours. We only make it for our subscribers limited quantities. Not available on newsstands.    


 Mountain Gazette is unlike any other outdoor magazine. Don't ask us. Ask our subscribers. Like Wu Tang Clan, they ain't nothin' to f*ck with:

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Let's read what the rest of the outdoor industry thinks of us...



This is not a magazine you pick up and flip through casually in five minutes. It’s meant to live on your coffee table and capture the feelings of a moment in time, to represent a culture of people drawn to the mountains for their own individual reasons. “Our magazine is not meant to help you run a marathon, or tell you what to eat or what to buy,” Rogge says. “What it’s meant to do is be this living embodiment of your values. It’s meant to make you think.” Continue reading...


“MG was always brutally honest and always spoke truth to power, often to the detriment of its bank account,” Fayhee said. “We need that attitude now more than ever. I look forward to seeing that flag raised once again.” Continue Reading...

"That’s why I was stoked to hear the news that Mike Rogge, former editor of the Ski Journal and the guy who got his career started at of all places, had a dream to breathe new life into an old classic: The Mountain Gazette. It’s the place where the Abbeys, Chouinards, and LaChapelles of the mountain world had a space to let loose." Continue reading...

"This will be the third life for the Gazette, the previous two runs being from 1966-1979 and again from 2000-2012. The magazine is known for several traits. It has long accepted articles from serious outdoor writers that have something important to say, and it’s been willing to publish those articles at full length. This is not a magazine written by some copy kooks hoping to fill a 750 word space by next week’s deadline. It’s also been known for its commitment to outstanding photography." Continue reading...


"Rather than your standard 8″x11″ magazine, MG goes absolutely massive with 11″x17″ pages that are truly jaw-dropping. The print images in this magazine are worth the $60 alone." Continue Reading...

"The 132-page, 11×17-inch magazine features a breadth of subject matter  — from a meditation on stargazing, to an interview with Colorado Governor Jared Polis, to an essay titled, “Drinking with a Dead Woman,” about a paranormal encounter at a ski town bar. The editorial mission, as summed up by Rogge, is anything that happens when you step out of your front door." Continue reading...


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