Mountain Gazette partners with Dad Grass on new "Safety Kit"

Mountain Gazette partners with Dad Grass on new "Safety Kit"

Introducing The Safety Kit Dad Stash

Prepared by Dad Grass and Mountain Gazette

This one’s for the lifties, dishwashers, bartenders, patrollers, folks who plow roads, MG subscribers, DG die-hards, and the shreddy and heady girls and guys who make mountain towns tick. You know who you are. And you know what we mean when we call for a “safety meeting!”

Next time you tuck into the trees for a good shake of the giggle bush, come prepared with your trusty Safety Kit. It may be useless for cuts and scratches. But it’s the clutch container for your tasty burns. And when you apres after a long day, your pack of Dad Grass joints will stay sheltered from those groms and tourists. They’ll just think you’re really into safety. And well, you are.

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"If you aren’t familiar, the Mountain Gazette is one of the baddest-ass, most down-to-earth, mountain news and culture magazines ever conceived. It’s been revered by dirtbags, ski bums, river rats, granola bars, and generally outdoorsy types since it was established in 1966. That was back when weed was actually more similar to hemp than it was to the high-potency bud coming out of dispensaries today."-GearJunkie

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