5 Reasons to Try Mountain Gazette

1. Finally, you get some respect as a reader.

Fearless, uncensored editorial illustrated by stunning photography and original art work focused on mountain town culture.

🤘 Stories and long form essays published in previous issues:

  • Roadtripping through Pakistan
  • Buying a used vehicle from a mountain town convict
  • The best of Jimmy Chin's photography
  • Riding with the Crazy 8's winter motorcycle group
  • Backcountry skiing in Chile
  • Wild land Firefighting in Washington
  • Birdwatching in New York
  • Skateboarding in the Mountains

Our contributors include veteran outdoor photographers and award-winning journalists. These people create at the highest levels, and they elevate Mountain Gazette for the reader.


2. You'll be among rare company.

We can’t name names, but… winning and losing Olympians, legendary mountaineers, elite outdoor journalists and authors, competing magazine publishers ( shhh... 🤫 ), and half a dozen of the world’s most influential tech leaders (dirtbags in disguise) all subscribe to Mountain Gazette.

Print ain’t dead. Those who know, know.

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3. Issues are limited and print content is exclusive.

We don’t distribute to grocery store newstands, and we don’t republish print content online behind a paywall. When our publisher first relaunched the magazine in 2020 the first 1,000 copies sold out in a week. The next issue was the same.

If we weren’t so busy making this thing we’d hand number each issue just to make a point.

There’s only ☝️ way to get your hands on Mountain Gazette content: subscribe and have it delivered to your house.


4. Each issue is a STATEMENT piece.

We print on 11x17" paper that dwarfs the standard 8x11” size used by competing outdoor mega mags. The Spring issue will be nearly TWO FEET WIDE when fully open. 🤯

That’s a shit-ton of real estate that we can devote to floor-to-ceiling photo features and longform essays, sometimes up to 20,000 words long. Mountain Gazette has an unmistakable presence anywhere it’s seen.

"Each issue is more coffee table book than magazine." - Issue 197 subscriber

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5. You get a break from the the f*ckin ads.

No gear guides. No resort lists. No barely disguised advertorial written by sales hacks. Does 120+ pages of uninterrupted reading sound good?

Ads only run in the first few pages and the last few pages. Everything in between is just content—pure and simple. We have 3,000 subscribers who agree that outdoor magazines should be made for readers, not for ads.

Read why we think outdoor media is broken.💀


👌 BONUS: The back of your toilet already has enough issues.

And you don't need another magazine you're just going to add to the pile and then throw away.

Mountain Gazette is 130+ pages thick. The paper is meaty (and environmentally friendly) and the colors and text are gorgeously printed.

We ship every issue in rigid packaging because we know the satisfaction that comes from crisp pages. We give a sh*t about quality.

Subscribe to a magazine you’ll keep, and maybe even collect and pass on to the next generation. Mountain Gazette was made for keeps.

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