Issue 194 Cover

Introducing the cover of issue 194 of Mountain Gazette!  Please note this is not the issue, but a print of the cover! This issue ships in November 2020. Reserve your copy with a subscription
This print from the Mountain Gazette archive looks great in an office, bar, or home.
  • Printed by our friends at The Color Group in Seattle, Washington. 
  • Photo by Tal Roberts // Skater: Jens Peterson
  • Location: Idaho's Lost River Range
  • Frame not included 
Editor's Note: "When I decided to restart Mountain Gazette I wanted to honor the magazine's legacy and bring it forward into 2020. This cover represents the best of Mountain Gazette past with a nod to its future. We'll be offering this and all future covers as prints. We also want to make this equitable for our photographers which is why we'll be doing a 60-40 revenue sharing with 60% of the proceeds going to the photographer. Congratulations to Tal Roberts and Jens Peterson for landing the first new cover of Mountain Gazette in nearly a decade." -Mike Rogge