Van with an open door at night in a snow covered parking lot

Why subscribe to Mountain Gazette?

Hey There, 

If you subscribe to Mountain Gazette you know why you do so. You believe in long-form storytelling, photography and art showcased in a proper, large format on great paper, or, maybe, you just love the Jaded Local column. You’re not the only one. 

For those of you who don’t subscribe to Mountain Gazette, I wanted to share why you should. First of all, we don’t need your “support.” We are financially sound which means we are not beholden to advertisers, gear gimmicks, or pay-to-play rankings of resorts or places to hang out in a hot tub. We like hot tubs, but have yet to find the James Joyce of jacuzzi journalism. 

That’s not to say Mountain Gazette isn’t for everyone. Our editorial mission is to cover the stories that happen when you walk out your front door. That gives our freelancers—who hail from the cracks of outdoor culture to the New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Paris Review, SF Chronicle, Vice on HBOBloomberg, and every place in between—the freedom to write the kinds of stories that can’t appear in those prestigious titles listed above. Mountain Gazette is above all…unique. Don’t take our word for it. Find a subscriber on social media. They love their magazine so much they share apres photos of their children browsing the latest issue in their slippers. Because that’s the real reason you should subscribe to Mountain Gazette. Subscribe for the children. Just kidding. 

The point of Mountain Gazette is to bring you surprising content twice-per-year in a format I believe outdoor culture is best suited for. Today’s media of throw-away, feed-the-beast content doesn’t match up. An outdoor experience can change your life. Why would you ever try to encapsulate that moment in a tweet? Impossible. 

We believe the moments that can change one’s life belong in a medium that stands the test of time. 

Finally, this isn’t my magazine. It’s yours. Each issue is a reflection of the people who made it and the people who subscribe. So if you’ve always wanted your own legacy, large format outdoor literary title…well, you know what to do

When in Doubt, Go Higher, 
Mike Rogge