Ski for the Love Title Screen New Ski Movie

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The Trailer and Premiere

Ski for the Love features skiers Alex Dorszynski, Josh Anderson, Brandon Craddock, Jed Kravitz, and principal cinematographer Hazen Woolson.

The guys take off into the wilds of a few far-flung destinations in Canada, Tahoe, and Alaska and keep things light along the way. Fun is the name of the game. 

POV Helmet Cam Shot from Ski for The Love

The POV shots get hectic starting at 01:02

We're proud to support the film alongside FlyLow Gear and ON3P and Praxis Skis. This is just the trailer. There's more coming soon.

Find Ski for the Love on Instagram. Alibi Ale Works hosted the premiere in North Lake Tahoe and the fans turned out in force. 

"We sure did feel the love last Friday ❤️ huge shout out to everyone who came through last Friday to peep the @skiforthelove premier!! And also shout out to @alibialeworks for hosting us!"

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