Mountain Gazette Launches Initiative to Help Save a Small Ski Area

Mountain Gazette Launches Initiative to Help Save a Small Ski Area

Written by Mike Rogge 

In a lifetime of powder days I have never forgotten my first one at Hickory Hill. I couldn't have been 10 yet, but the forecast came through, snow was measured in feet, and school was closed. We stopped at Stewarts for a breakfast sandwich and drove up the Northway. Inside the lodge, we put on our boots near the fire before heading out to learn exactly how the hell one is supposed to ride a Poma lift. 

Hickory Hill, a small, yet mighty Southern Adirondack ski area, rises 1,200 feet from the Hudson River. The mountain is surprisingly technical, in parts quite steep, and unpretentious. Founded by veterans of the 10th Mountain Division in 1946, the ski area has been called the Adirondack version of Mad River Glen. An infamous bumper sticker read, "Mad River - Ski If It You Can't Ski Hickory," a play on the Vermont's ski area's "Ski It If You Can" mantra. Around these parts, if you're not there to ski, then you're probably not there. 

Closed for a portion of the 2000s, the ski area has reopened, yet faces an unexpected insurance bill to run this lifts this season. That's where we come in. Together with Hickory, Mountain Gazette has created three limited-edition merch items to help pay a portion of this financial burden. For our commitment, Mountain Gazette is advertising on hill at the resort and launching this merch initiative to donate 100% of the profits to keeping this classic, historic ski hill open to backcountry skiers and beginners alike. Together with our community, let's keep the legend alive. 

There is nothing like that first powder day. Together, we can help save a small ski area and ensure the next generation gets their chance to experience the legendary Hickory Hill. Head over to our New Arrivals Merch page and pick up your limited-edition Hickory Hill x Mountain Gazette merch today.