October 01, 2020 1 min read

At Mountain Gazette we want to practice what we preach which is that independent, small media is important and vital to healthy discourse. With that said we're proud to announce our sponsorship of The Storm Skiing Podcast hosted by Stuart Winchester out of New York. Many subscribers have roots in the East and Stuart's ability to ask good questions of some of skiing's top dogs is super important. This isn't your typical ski celebrity pod so much as it's a good, insider's look at how ski areas across North America are thinking about this upcoming winter. 


You can listen to the Storm Skiing Podcast by heading over to Stuart's site, searching for "Storm Skiing Podcast" on Apple Podcasts or wherever you choose to listen to pods. 

Here are some of our favorites: 

Podcast #21: Ron Cohen of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows on the name change and what to expect this winter. 

Podcast #23: The Future of Sugarloaf - Part 1

Podcast #17 - An interview with Henri Rivers of the National Brotherhood of Skiers

Podcast #16 - Indy Pass Founder Doug Fish on why little ski areas matter

And a bonus, here's an episode about Mountain Gazette

Mike Rogge
Mike Rogge