Howl at the Moon with New Fall Merchandise

Howl at the Moon with New Fall Merchandise

Hey 👋, Mountain Gazette family.

We're excited to announce the release of our new Fall collection of merch. Everything is live right now. Our hoodies and crewnecks got a revamp. You'll find new colors in our classic sweatshirts, including a sweet salmon style. 

We added entirely new tees and a pocket tee style that Austin's been begging for for months. The pocket tee is a team-up with a friend of the magazine, illustrator Harry Bliss.

Lastly, you'll find three new coffee mug styles: one from Harry Bliss, one in our "tune in" graphic, and one that celebrates the majesty of forest animals. I'm calling this one the Maine mug. 

The merch has quickly become a way to spot readers around Tahoe, Salt Lake, New York, Denver, and the mountain towns we all frequent. Travel, take Mountain Gazette gear with you... and snap some photos. We never get tired of seeing where subscribers are off to.

Cheers, The Mountain Gazette Team