Gifts for People Who Love to Read (Not a List of Books)

Gifts for People Who Love to Read (Not a List of Books)

Classic merch makes the best gifts. Our classics are warm hoodies, mugs for coffee or a good tea (or mushroom alternative), and something good to read. Art, too. Art always delivers.

We're skiers and readers, so we pick gifts for skiers, readers, and people who live in the mountains. It's pretty simple. 

Groovy Green Mountain Miir Mug goes everywhere with me (Austin here, "Hi", I wrote this). I constantly find it in the center console in my car... because I fill it, drink the coffee on the way to the mountain, and then immediately forget I took it somewhere. And then freak out because I can't find it.

The separation anxiety is intense - like that pair of socks you're destined to lose one day but aren't prepared to give up. 

We also have this version of our subscriber-only sticker art available as a mug. If you need a gift for someone who loves to read, this is the good stuff. 

Two issues of Mountain Gazette. This is an awesome way to gift-up twice (we deliver two issues per annual subscription). Each issue is more coffee table book than magazine so you're giving a thoughtful, gorgeous gift that adds to someone's home.

When you know people with literal rooms full of gear, this is a nice change of pace. They'll keep it forever, too. You wouldn't believe the collections of Mountain Gazettes we see sometimes. This is a gift that sticks.

Stunning cover art in the form of Mountain Gazette magazine covers from our archives that go back to the 60s. There's color everywhere, illustrations or graphic treatments, and some photography.

I grabbed a few that felt like the best blend of fall and winter colliding, which is what we're experiencing across the west right now. These make a space feel much more inviting and homey—and that applies to vans or gear rooms/sheds, too.

See all the suggestions on this page. We keep close tabs on our DMs on Instagram and our email inbox, too. Reach out if you have an idea for some Mountain Gazette fall or winter merch.