The Mountain Gazette Library Podcast Audiobook Series

Season One of The Mountain Gazette Library

Whew... we're already six stories deep into The Mountain Gazette Library.

Released in July, Season One of The Mountain Gazette Library has featured stories from Edward Abbey and Royal Robbins from Mountain Gazette 28, Katie Lee from Mountain Gazette 78, Barry Corbet from Mountain Gazette 33, and Sadie Stein and Norman Maclean from Mountain Gazette 194.

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New episodes release weekly, and we're already making plans for Season Two. This is the only way to experience stories from our deep archive of previously published issues of Mountain Gazette. 

In Case You Missed It

The podcast follows a long-form storytelling format to showcase stories from Mountain Gazette’s archive of issues now available to readers for the first time since its initial publishing.

“For the last three years we’ve tried to tackle how best to open the archive to our community,” said Mountain Gazette Editor Mike Rogge.

“With Mountain Gazette Library, we’re not entering the talk-show podcast game so much as presenting our stories in a tasteful, audiobook format. Like our magazine, the episodes avoid the immediacy of the modern internet and instead focus on the long form storytelling the title is known for.”

How to Listen

Download the series today on iTunes or Spotify and let the voices of the wilderness guide you through landscapes untamed and stories unforgettable.

You can listen on Youtube, too.