Dr. Robb Gaffney Skier, Author, Activist

Rally for Rob

Dr. Robb Gaffney, a local skiing legend here in North Lake Tahoe, is fighting for his life. Maybe you remember him from his iconic segments in the film 1999 or you read his book, Squallywood, which features the chapter where he co-created the game of G.N.A.R. with Shane McConkey.

Robb is an important member of our community in his fight to protect mountain communities from unwanted development. He's a champion for the environment. And now Robb is fighting a rare form of cancer. 

Along with photographer Hank de Vre and filmmaker Scott Gaffney, we're pleased to offer four limited-edition products to raise money for Robb and his family. All profits from the sale of the poster, hoodie, sweatshirt, and t-shirt will go directly to Robb. You can donate directly and learn more here

Here at Mountain Gazette we know we are nothing without each other. Our community is diverse, strong, and vibrant. When we can, we're here to help. Together, let's rally for Dr. Robb Gaffney and his family. 

When in Doubt, Go Higher, 
Mike Rogge, editor