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Lifetime Subscription to Mountain Gazette

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Press play on the video above and read the not-so-fine print:

Mountain Gazette
 created this unique, new subscription option
for those who want to ride along into the future with their favorite publication: Introducing The Mountain Gazette Lifetime Subscription

Here is how it works.  We will be offering just 42 slots (more on that number below) to current subscribers who want to plunk down one upfront amount of money to become a subscribe for life. This is a unique way to the future of mountain culture. This is new prepayment option that comes with a few unique perks

For a one-time upfront payment of $5,000, you would receive the following benefits:

-Full subscriber status for life!  Yes, even if you stick around as a subscriber for the next 30 years, your subscription will never expire. This subscription belongs to the buyer and is not transferable. If we sell the business (we don't intended to) your lifetime subscription will be sold along with it. 

-Aside from bragging rights in mountain towns, you will also be part of the First Off The Press Club which guarantees you receive the magazine the same time our staff does. Your issue can be individually numbered upon request. 

-Twice-per-year Mountain Gazette meeting invitation. We will treat these bi-annnual meetings via Google Hangout as an opportunity to share future plans, behind-the-scenes stories of the editorial in the current issue, upcoming editorial, listen to feedback, and give you special insight and access into what's upcoming with the business. In addition, if there there are any special opportunities with our brand partners, Lifetime Subscribers have first access.

-Exclusive custom merchandise pack upon purchase 

-A lifetime 25% off custom code exclusively for you for all merchandise and future items on the site

-Annual Ski/Ride day at Alpine Meadows: Every spring, the Mountain Gazette First Off The Press Club Members are invited to participate in a MG ski day with our Tahoe-based staff. Apres included. Subscriber must provide their own airfare and lodging. 

Why are we doing this? This is part of our 2023 effort we're calling the Year of the Subscriber. Over the last few years, Mountain Gazette saw a ton of growth. We're sustainable, 100% independently owned, with no outside investors. That last point is key. To date, we've turned down over $3 million in venture capital. Why? We want to be beholden to you, our subscribers, only. That's it. Every single decision we make is based around how we treat our customers. What would we do with the capital? We'd go heliskiing. Just kidding. We'd do what we always do with financial gains...we'd reinvest the money back into the editorial and the staff. We want to retain and continue to develop the amazing folks who contribute and reach out to an even broader group of contributors. We want to assign mega-assignments that take years, not months, to report on. This is how the golden age of journalism used to be and can be again. These investments in our own media ensure Mountain Gazette remains the place for the best editorial. Period. 

Let's make this clear. Mountain Gazette does not need your money. We're safe. We don't need support, or saving or any of the typical shit you hear print publications begging for. That's not us. We're Mountain Gazette. We're growing. We have more plans to grow in the future. This is simply a unique offering for our most dedicated readers. We look forward to having you join us for the ride. 

And why 42? Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy asks a supercomputer what is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and every? The answer? 42.