2 thoughts on “Reader Survey”

  1. Hi John, (not sure if my message went thru so am writing another…sorry if duplicated!)

    I really enjoyed the climbing issue of MG! I am sorry that I did not realize that this issue was coming up as I have revamped my writing roots and have been doing quite a bit of work on climbing articles, poems, etc. I will be in touch and perhaps you would be interested in seeing some of my work. I have climbed for 28 years now and have many insights on the sport from many angles including dating climbers, climbing w/my son, etc. I am still in Breckenridge practicing acupuncture, but am hoping to branch out and become a published writer in the not too distant future! I have published technical articles and done some editing in the past and am have really been missing that creativity in my life! I hope you are doing well!

    Take care,

    Lynne Drakos

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