Poetry Submissions

To get a sense of the kinds of poems we like to publish, please read the current poetry page.



Submission Guidelines

To put it simply: Mountain Gazette is looking to publish and promote, engaging and smart poems.

The poems that might appear in MG do not have to be about Colorado, or the Rocky Mountains. That’s much too limited for subject matter. You could think of it like this: the west, as a concept, is much like the ethos integral to all good poetry. The wide world and the deepest self are places to be discovered, and to truly learn the lay of the land, one must embark on a journey. One must, to use that famous phrase, go west.

It may be a land we already know. It may be a completely foreign place. It may be a trip into the mundane, into dream, into memory. Or into the mountains. Indeed, when in doubt, go higher. And deeper. All good poems do this, and those are the poems we should be writing, and those are the poems that we—all of us—should be reading.

The poems you submit can rhyme, or they can be written in free verse. They can be about purple mountains and rad jumps off cornices, or they can be about your backyard garden, or your grandmother’s hands. Please make sure they’re about something, and about seeing those things in new ways.

Let these quotes serve as guides. Guy de Maupassant once wrote, “Talent is a long patience.”  Ezra Pound said, “Go in fear of abstractions.” Mary Oliver suggests: “The poet must not only write the poem but must scrutinize the world intensely, or anyway that part of the world he or she has taken for subject.”

If you’re interested in submitting, please send 3 to 5 poems via Submittable at: https://lighthousewriters.submittable.com/submit/31254.

Submitted poems must have titles. And please, no poems longer than two or three pages, single-spaced. If you like, feel free to include a short, two or three sentence bio with your submission.

Poems must be previously unpublished. Rights revert back to writer upon publication.

Poetry Editor Bio

Michael J. Henry is co-founder and Executive Director of Lighthouse Writers Workshop, an independent creative writing center located in downtown Denver. His poetry and nonfiction have appeared in places such as 5280 Magazine, Georgetown Review, Threepenny Review, Pleiades, Copper Nickel, and Rio Grande Review. Over the years, he has received fellowships from the Colorado Council on the Arts and PlatteForum. A collection of poetry, No Stranger Than My Own, was published by Conundrum Press in 2010, and a new book of poems, Active Gods, is due out in the fall of 2014. He has an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College, and blogs occasionally at rockymtnbiker.com.

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