Land in the Sky: Our Hero

My informant for this story is my wife. I was gone for the day hiking. Catherine took the collies for their morning walk. The big collie—still licking the wounds inflicted to his self-esteem by yesterday’s mishap at the haunted well—decided he needed some alone time. So off he darted once again through the woods to the … Continue reading Land in the Sky: Our Hero

Postcard: DIA double

In the hours before this double rainbow appeared, I sat on a plane that was forced to fly 200 miles off course due to thunderstorms, while a wailing baby (ours) threw a temper tantrum in the seat next to me. It was stressful; the boy was angry for at least an hour straight. After the flight finally ended, we … Continue reading Postcard: DIA double

Summer Poems 2016

I hope you enjoy these poems here in the midst of summer. To me they are memorable and surprising in their clear and lovely evocation of simple things, like rain, anxiety, wonder, and silence. —MJH     SEVENTEEN WAYS OF SAYING RAIN —Beth Paulson The Japanese have seventeen words for rain. Diane Ackerman Rain that … Continue reading Summer Poems 2016