Parallel Universe of Mountain Memory Seasonal Themes

Editor’s note: A few months ago, I fired off a group email to all our usual suspects/regular contributors apprising them of our 2011 editorial calendar/themes, so they can plan ahead and not be late with stories for goddamned once. Most just responded by saying something on the order of “Gracias for the heads up.” But not long-time senior correspondent Vince Welch — a man who’s obviously well versed in mountain-town sociology — who opted to add his usual skewed spin to what had seemed to me to be a fairly banal communiqué. Real themes, as communicated by me to the usual suspects, are in bold type. Welch’s reactions to those themes are in italics.

January — Deep Winter
January — Random Encounters/Sleeping with all the Wrong People
February/March — Dog Issue
February/March — Bar Fights and Car Wrecks
April — Spring Travel
April — Ski Town Empties Out/What’s Left Behind
May — Rivers Issue
May — Pot Lucks I have Crashed
June — Climbing
June — How to Avoid Offers of Work on the Mountain and Not feel Guilty
July — High Summer
July — New Arrivals in Town/Returning Hero Syndrome/Big Fish, Small Bowl
August/September — On Foot in the Mountains
August/September — Identity Crisis at 7,500 feet, Bastille Day Parade
October — Skiing
October — Partner Switch Time
November — Bar Issue
November — Recreational Drinking Begins; Potholes, Detours, Black Ice
December — Holiday Season
December — Naked Winter Street Olympics (c1973)

Vince Welch lives in Portland, OR, where he’s currently working diligently on his latest book, “The Last Voyageur — Amos Burg and the Rivers of the West.”