2 thoughts on “Dateline Europe: Can Pastoralism Survive?”

  1. Dead in the US?!? Not here in Idaho, or Wyoming. Colorado? Are you saying there are no more shepherds in the mountains of Montana? Hard to believe… Most of the shepherds we see around here are Peruvian, and historically they were French Basque. I read that the Peruvians are paid a pittance based on some loophole in minimum wage law.

  2. to my knowledge the sheep driveways here in Arizona are not used any longer. that would be sheep driveways from the valley of the sun (phoenix area) northward toward flagstaff, or northeastward toward the white mountains. the Dobson family in the valley of the sun may have been the last holdout, still driving, twice a year, 1700 to 2100 sheep with borregeros (sheepherders) on foot, one on horse , and a string of 5 or 6 pack burros, along with 2 or 3 shepherd dogs and a guard dog or two. the urban sprawl of the phoenix area and the change in demographics (phoenix is now gentrified with communist/nazi homeowner associations) and a major loss of its agricultural heritage. as general electric used to say “progress is our most important product”……..a la chingada……

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