3 thoughts on “Out of the Turret, Back In The Saddle”

  1. in 1992 when i went to a saddle shop in phoenix to buy a pack saddle for my blm adopted burro i asked the saddlemaker about all the high tech pack saddles he had scattered around his shop. they were light aluminum and high grade flexible plastic. everything modern.(i was there to get the old school traditional sawbuck pack saddle, just leather, wood and brass). well the saddlemaker had a gov contract with the dept of defense. he was making saddles for afghani combat troops who were using mules to fight the russians! my usmc son had his first deployment to iraq and was infantry, urban combat. to lighten their load patrolling the streets of his “ao” area of operation in iraq they had purchased a burro from an iraqi and she was carrying the heavy communication equipment thru the streets. i think sgt mike has a good direction described that the military out to consider. combat mules or burros!

  2. at first i wuzz gonna be cynical and “what the f* ?! ” … but. the author’s insight and suggestion (whether he REALLY means it, or is “just suggesting” it) — is definitely something to think about. THAT part of the world is (from all that i’ve heard, having not been there) NOT part of our mechanized/IT-heavy/modern world.

    and again, we all know people (unfortunately, where i live, i know a LOT) who would be very tempted to “show ’em how the west was won.”

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