BOB Chamberlain’s Mountain vision

Street photography is the point of view of the innocent bystander. Empty streets and no traffic; chance meeting in mid-street; a dog named Koa from the free-puppy box at Rose Market. Ice hockey with cubes on the kitchen floor, and Unlimited Class Stick retrieval, including gathering firewood for campfires were his favored activities. Headstones at the Telluride cemetery are frequently engraved with the epithet, “He Walked These Hills With Me,” which would include patiently having the porcupine quills removed from his overloaded mouth and muzzle, and learning to ski on Independence Pass, which he did by watching me do a couple of linked turns below him, and then connecting them by sliding on his belly with paws outstretched, pushing powder with his feet.
— Bob Chamberlain

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  1. Are you the Bob Chamberlain of Karen Recknagel’s life? If so, may I send a personal message via this venue?

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