Trout Streak Revival

Sometime just before the pilot turned our plane around over Wyoming and headed back to DIA and rang the death knell on any chance of my flight to Portland getting in within five hours of its advertised arrival time, Travis, the guy sitting next to me mentioned that he was in a band. Nice guy, but everyone’s in a band, right? Whatever. I managed to scrawl the name of the band, Trout Steak Revival, down in a notebook, and managed to hold onto the notebook until I got home, and I looked them up. Fayhee has always pressured me to put some music in this column, and I’ve never been confident enough in anything to recommend it to readers of a mountain magazine. What’s mountain music, anyway? Well, this is, and it is great. I downloaded the seven songs the band had on its web site, and rolled them through my iPod for three straight days. Trout Steak Revival was founded on a backpacking trip to Mystic Island Lake in the Holy Cross Wilderness. It rained the entire trip, and the guys had one mandolin they passed from tent to tent, playing songs the whole time. They subsisted on trout caught by the band’s eventual guitar player, Kirk, and thusly, a Trout Steak Revival was born. Bluegrass, hippiegrass, newgrass, whatever. TSR calls the songs it plays “Bluegrass-inspired mountain music.” I call it music that makes me want to drive around Colorado with the windows down. The band’s first album, self-titled, comes out this month.

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  1. I saw Trout Steak Revival at the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market in Denver and they are fantastic; “Bluegrass, hippiegrass, newgrass, whatever.”; is a good description. The music was great and they were fun w/great energy; I most definitely felt it and the crowd was loving them esp. for the farmers market! There was a stand-up bass which gets me every time!

  2. My hubby and I saw them at Rock Ledge Ranch’s EcoFest in Colorado Springs this summer — they were AWESOME!! Can’t wait for their album : )

  3. Hey All, thanks for the kind words! We just added our new album to the website. Give it a listen using the online music player or order your very own compact disc.

    Thanks again for the support!


  4. I had the great opportunity to see them play at the Bucksnort Saloon recently. Not only is the music great, but the guys are great too. You can tell they have a blast playing their music. I got their album right away and was not disappointed!

  5. I have the great reward of knowing Casey,Will,and Kirt personally. And these guys are as great as there music

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