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  5. Denna del hade ramlat bort från artikelnÄven på söndagen var det full aktivitet. Då arrangerade Fagersta KK en tävling i Rallylydnad med ca 40 startande ekipage. Nästa rallylydnadstävling är den 16 december med start kl 09.30

  6. The question is, should we allow a for profit industry to commit felonies against eople who have been arrested. HMMMM. If we have to ask then we are worse off than I thought.Would admin of this site contact me. I want to help. Can prove that the this is felony and RICO edtortion. Everyone keeps OVERLOOKING the basics.

  7. How much paleantology is done in places like Arabia, Persia and Iraq if Africa had so many Archaics perhaps the middle east is a more likely homeland of Sapiens that perhaps could be missed by a lack of digging. At the crossroads of the continents that region could also have more mutations available for selection.

  8. Over at gay site Joe.My.God., it was very distressing to read the near-universal condemnation (and vituperation) against Obama for . . . coming to a strategizing meeting to *repeal* DADT after the election.Are we terrible friends, or what? :-/

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