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Please vote for your #1 favorite cover, and 5 winners will be chosen at random on October 1st to receive a prize!

Mountain Gazette Cover Contest

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See more vintage content in Flashback, where we resurface an ancient issue of MG!

10 thoughts on “Cover Contest”

  1. I will not be voting in your cover contest today. I am too disappointed in the cover choices that you made available to voters. When I saw the “Cover Contest” headline on Facebook, I jumped to the M.G. page knowing exactly which cover I would vote for but it was, alas, not on the list of options. The cover I reference, and have framed and hanging in my house, is from issue #96. It is a photograph of an ancient old man standing atop a rocky crag high above a mountain lake, he is wearing a rack of climbing gear and is tied into the end of a climbing rope. He looks cold and exhausted and utterly happy. His giant hands are gnarled and probably aching. His furrowed brow exclaims the feat he’s just endured. It’s a great moment captured by whomever had the pleasure of climbing with the tough old gent. And, in my opinion, it deserves a spot on the list of options for cover contest, as it captures mountain life at it’s finest moments. Maybe you could replace one of the five half-dressed female figures on the list (Fayhee’s picks no doubt) with #96.
    Jeannie M. Barton

  2. Agree with Jeannie. I was disappointed with the options. My favorite is #119. Great illustration of a dog asleep in front of a wood stove. Who chose these?

  3. Took a large stack of copies around to several bars here in Silver City and asked people’s opinions. Had literally one evening to get it done. Tried to make sure we covered the gamut as far as era, art director, cover artist, photo vs. illustration, etc. Needed to limit the number to 20. Understood from the get-go that some people would be disappointed that their personal favorite did not make the admittedly very unscientific cut. Can’t please everyone. I made the final choices. FTR: My personal all-time favorites are #s 8 and 20. I also very much like the one BJW refers to, which was done by the same guy who did #2 above, and the one Jeannie referred to, which is a shot of Fred Beckey. Sorry that this effort did not please some people. Many others seem to think it’s a very nice representation of more than 120 covers.

  4. I remember subscribing to this publication a long time ago. I was disappointed when they stopped and transferred my subscription to Outside Magazine. I’m happy to see it again with any cover.

  5. The cover that Jeannie mentioned was the Fred Beckey cover from a few years ago. That was the first cover that popped into my mind as well. I have the Fred Beckey cover and the Hunter S Thompson peyote button fist framed in my house and those get my vote. Not that the others are not quality, but these two stand out for me.

  6. Of the choices you gave us – I guess I’ll take the one of the Moosejaw. I’ve always liked the one of Shiprock #76/7 since I climbed it in 1956.

  7. My personal favorite is # 130 (my dream girl) but #111 (#2 above) is also a favorite along with # 96 (Fred Beckey). Keep up the great work and awesome covers!

  8. It is hard to choose a favorite but I have to go with #113. It is subtle in its depiction of a casual outdoor based lifestyle.

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