Most he wants is [for me] to stay in shape and work on my game

A 19 year old from Bosnia Herzegovina, was active for the Lakers against the Utah Jazz. He entered Monday having played in three games for the Lakers, with one start when center Timofey Mozgov was out with a left eye contusion.

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Robert Stern, co director of Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy. “It is possible but we really will never know. What’s important to know is that Lou Gehrig, like so many athletes, went back to play over and over again with a repetitive head injury.

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With him firmly in recovery, she cleared the stories she intended to tell in the 2007 book with Brett. In it she writes about his astonishment at the jerk he used to be.”You know, this is so painful for me to read,” he told her. “I cannot believe I ever was this person.”.

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  1. We too got a dog rescued dog from a New Mexico source in Colorado with the same issues that you have. We “rescued” Chester from Poudre Valley Rescue in the fort collins area. I tried training him like i had every other dog I’ve befriended to no avail. What worked for us was hiring a trainer who taught electronic collar usage and extreme amounts of patience and love. The result, a semi-social dog who loves us dearly and we let off leash (e-collar on of course) on trails. Turns out he’s a pretty good dog. So if you decided to keep Casey you’ll have some tough times ahead but it is totally worth it if you have the patience.

  2. John, what a beautiful and heart-wrenching story you have penned. I had no idea what you were going through with this little dog. But, I have to say looking back on the two times I saw you both on the trail (one time with Gay also), it didn’t seem like there was a connection between you and Casey. Sometimes relationships (of any kind) come into our life for unlikely reasons. You have done a fine job in thinking this through and getting directly into the heart of the issue. Bravo! I guess I will find out what your decision was the next time I see you on the trail, with or without Casey. Sending you and Gay my best wishes for a happy outcome. Your friend, Mary.

  3. Dear John, Like you I had the blessing of the company of a dog that was wonderful beyond words, I’ll try though. His name was Porter and I adopted him through questionable means when i was 20 in Michigan. During my vagabond days I had the chance to spend 24 hours a day with Porter as a pup. He learned, through the time we spent together, the importance of keeping eye contact with me. I learned the importance of having an unconditional love, someone who would be there with me regardless. Porter and I shared wonderful times together. It’s unfortunate, though, that dog’s lifespans don’t more closely mirror our own. People talk about thier “soulmates”. How you may only have one true love in your life. I don’t necessarily believe in this personally, however I may believe in canine soulmates. Dogs, I believe come to the person who needs them and in return are given what they need, love, attention, shelter and it feeds their need to please. Needless to say, I lost Porter after 13 wonderful years. As you did I struggled over when, how and what new dog to get. You and I had the highest standards to live up to. How could another dog replace Cali/Porter? Impossible. You even went so far as to choose a dog that looked nothing like Cali. I took the opposite route. I picked one that looked exactly like Porter. Of course I hoped she would be as awesome as he was. Thats really not fair though. She is a different beast. She is overly affectionate, he was aloof. He wanted nothing more than to get praise she’s a stubborn little shit.He wanted the ball and only the ball, She wants to crawl into my lap and get love, all the time. Both are annoying yet endearing tendancies. Yet I love her just the same. At some point I began to realize it was unfair to have expectations for my new dog to live up to. Would you do this in a relationship with a person? Probably not. Dogs are all individuals. They all have a few basic needs, that if given, they will repay with a lifetime of love and devotion. After a while I chose to just let Lily be Lily and be less concerned about why she isn’t just like Porter. Keep the magazine coming, it makes me smile every month. Lucas

  4. I’m totally vibing with you on this story in two ways; and from my experiences with similar situations I would encourage you to keep Casey. The bond you can grow may be ever as strong as yours with Cali. I grew up with horses and bought a 12 year old horse in 8th grade named Leia. From the start we were as close as you can get as riding partners, I could think the next move and she’d break into a canter. Perfect. Just as I began to suspect that she’d been abused in the past, Leia injured her leg and I couldn’t ride her for six months. Previously she’d always been a little bitchy in the barn, turning her butt to me and swishing her tail ominously when I entered the stall. Tolerating a grooming. Now all we could do was cuddle and talk, and after awhile when I would scratch her mane she would literally turn her neck into a giant horse hug and scratch my back. It came to the point where I would pull into the parking lot and call out “Leia!” and she would winny hello to me every time. When I was able to ride her again I could turn one stride in front of a jump and she’d see it and cruise right over it in full trust and amazing balance. It’s a feeling like riding a powder day.
    So with that story I’d encourage you that the bonding that happens with a soul that has seen heartbreak can sometimes be deep in an even more profound way than you’d ever imagined.
    I suppose I should save my second story for another post… Didn’t intend to go on so long, just that the power of a human animal connection is such a cool thing – it’s awesome to find another person that is also awed by that kind of love.

  5. My second story is also a rescue- in this case a 9lb chihuahua mix that has stolen my heart. The heart of a barn girl who grew up with an 100lb lab/St.Bernard mix (Max- as gentle a soul as can be). After 5 years with no pet, my youngest child was old enough and I started to think of another dog. I was ‘just looking’ when I went to Dumb Friends League with my kids. I thought I’d entertain the kids with a day giving love to a shelter animal- I’d volunteered at the Humane Society as a kid. Of course my daughter picked the smallest ‘cutesiest’ dogs in the place to spend time with. The first one they shared with us was a tawny little black-nosed fox-looking guy with giant bat ears and a Harry Potter bandana. He immediately flopped into my lap and looked at me upside down and said “I’ve been waiting for you!” After 45 minutes I realized I’d found the sweetest animal on the planet. Believe me, getting over the Chihuahua stigma was a little embarrassing for me- and horrendously so for my husband. But even now Jason can’t help but wrestle 9 lb Charlie Murphy and admit, laughingly, that he’s one in a million. Charlie Murphy was 1 year old with an unknown background and it is obvious he suffers from anxiety when we leave him alone- he loses hair and chews toys on occasion; especially if he hasn’t gotten enough exercise. We’ve decided he looks like he has Whippet in him, so I ended up with the one ‘lap dog’ that desperately needs to sprint around outside as often as possible. People always do a double take out on the trail when they run into my Chihuahua galloping off leash in the woods with his ears perked up so delightfully it looks as if he’s singing “Booooorn Freeeee”. With a sharp “here!” from me he prongs like a gazelle to find me (he has to bounce to see above the tall grass…) and springs over to join me.
    Sometimes the most awesomely hilarious loveable souls come into our lives in the most surprising packages.
    We send you our love.

  6. Dude, keep the dog. It has already taken you to places you haven’t been… so why go back? This wonderful story is proof enough! Besides, it’s all about the adventure, right?! As a dog-lover, avid skier, and mountaineer I have seen how amazing dogs like Cali can be in the high peaks and low valleys. In fact, I was totally looking for just the “bonafide mountain dog”! Then, while visiting a friend in 5-points one hot Denver day, I happened to see a mangy little thing sweltering in the sun with no shade in the adjacent yard… I knocked on the neighbor’s door and – long story short – found myself taking this thing to the pound in order to save it’s life. It was badly sunburned and emaciated and needed to be rescued. Someone had abandoned the critter and the neighbor had little means to care for it; luckily for this xoloitzcuintli the pound was closed for the evening! So I took her home – it’s been a few years together now, and trust me I haven’t been disappointed. Sure, she can’t do a thing in the snow and needs sunscreen on hot days. She is nothing like what I was picturing when I wanted a dog. Seriously, I have to put a sweater on her in the winter ( yeah, I have to dress my dog ) but that’s OK because her love is unquestionable. SHE KNOWS that nothing will come between us. After a bit of consistent training, she is also quite the little fetcher. Give your new dog trust, time, and a chance; sometimes the biggest adventures of your life will happen well away from the mountains!

  7. It’s August & i am just getting a chance to read your story about Cali & Casey.I’ve had many dogs over the past 20 years(5 aussies,& 1 aussie mix) and loved them all differently because no 2 were the same.Please give Casey a chance.It sounds to me like you’re the guy she needs to make her feel loved and YOU need her to chase away the Cali blues.I recently got an aussie pup & she has been horrible….she doesn’t listen,she chews up everything(like my husband’s $500 prescription bifocals) and worst of all she can’t catch(she’s an australian shepherd for christ’s sake!!!!) She just turned 1 & is no better but I’m going to hang with here because i think she will eventually calm down & be awesome in her own way.The reason i know she’ll be awesome is because she is a dog and they are all awesome just like i know Casey is!

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