Way of the Mountain #184


clear as cut glass

& just as dangerous

David Rothman, head of a new MFA program at Western State College in Gunnison, who appeared in the October issue of MG, has taken a serious swipe at Language Poetry in responding to a on-line lit ‘zine query from Cameron Scott of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley. Find it at http://formalversemfa.org/2011/05/16/language-poetry-two-words-two-lies 

Colorado’s other poetically notorious David would be David Mason, the state’s latest poet laureate, named by Gov. Ritter several years ago. A professor at Colorado College, Mason has been living up to a promise to visit every county in the state (including a tour this fall around the Western Slope). He’s written criticism, loves to perform, has won a number of awards, boasts a classic narrative verse poem in Ludlow (Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA, 2007) and is featured in this month’s Way of the Mountain.
— Art Goodtimes

I Hear the Guitar

The shadow of a bat
across my page at night
is lighter than a thought
and just as late.

I drink to the guitar
and passing girls who wear
hibiscus in their hair,
scenting the air.

— David Mason, Colorado Poet Laureate
Manitou Springs

Written While Hiking

mountain skunk taunting
now all our remembrances
honor aftershocks

— Carol Bell
Ft. Collins

Running Tanka

Running on the long
dirt road, it is four miles
before my mind
slows down enough
to join my body.

— Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


Poetry is a
silly business.

& complete.

— Jack Mueller
Log Hill Village

Waking Life

The indentation
of a trail
cut through snow.

The dark bark
of pines
flocked with white.

The stare of
a deer
before its leap.

A canvas
of waking life
no museum can hold.

— Linda Keller

What the Hopi Said

A Hopi Indian once said
to hop over the Acropolis
with an Arizona spruce branch
held tightly in your hand
waving on Kachina Spirits
of the San Francisco Peaks
saying the Greeks need rain
since all their gods are dead.

— Richard F. Fleck