bill forest

Long-time Gazette Tribe member Bill Forrest passed away while snowshoeing on Monarch Pass. Bill was the founder of Forrest Mountaineering in Denver, which was one of MG’s first advertisers back in the ’70s. Lately, he has been an R&D guy for MSR, focusing mainly on snowshoes. If you’ve ever donned MSR ’shoes, you were wearing Bill’s work. Bill was a great man and will be missed by many. Read the story below which ran in issue #110 from 2004 that profiled him.


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  1. Photo didn’t reproduce very well, but it was taken by Summit Daily News photographer Mark Fox. Bill’s on the right, I am on the left and my late dog Cali is, well, the dog. Taken up Mayflower Gulch in Summit County, Colorado, shortly after the first generation of Forrest-designed MSR snowshoes were released.

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