Nezha (Yanting), the magical spawn of a heavenly pearl

Becoming a new parent can be tough. Adopting a newborn can be even tougher. Being charged with raising a living incarnation of evil who happens to be an adorable, if fairly destructive, little scamp: Well, that’s the burden of governor Li jing (Hao) and Madam Yin (Qi), who have been charged by the Primeval Lord of Heaven with raising Nezha (Yanting), the magical spawn of a heavenly pearl. Unfortunately, he’s only half of what he’s supposed to be: He’s the wicked part of the legacy, and the Dragon King (Mo) has the other half, and with it the power to shake the order of the cosmos. Unfortunately for the world, its only hope is Nezha, and he’s quite the hellion, oblivious to both his role in this scheme and unaware that, unless he can find his path to heroism in three years, he will be struck down by divine lightning.