Mountain Dog Photo Contest Finalists – VOTE NOW!

Check out our 2013 Mountain Dog Photo Contest finalists below.

Voting has closed. Thanks to all who voted, stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

Trouble Henry


Name: Trouble Henry
Residence: Indian Hills, CO
Greatest Achievement: Being so notorious that we now have to enter through the back door at the vet office. We’re filing discrimination charges as we speak.
Likes to chase…chipmunks, birds, small children
Why I should win: As this photo shows, I am always, always up for an adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 degrees and snowing at St Mary’s Glacier in Colorado, or 100 degrees in the Utah canyonlands, I am game! I will go ANYWHERE with my humans — and I Will. Be. Happy.  Unless I’m protecting them from dangerous chipmunks or deer. Then I’m FIERCE. Sure, I live up to my name. I’m not an easy dog to have around sometimes. My adventure sometimes end in vet bills. But my humans learn from me everyday, too:  The mountains and nature are right outside. Rejoice!



Name: Canon (and Koa in the back)
Residence: Westminster, CO
Greatest Achievement: Going to the hospital and senior center to cheer people up.  I’m not an official service dog, I’m just really easy going and people love me.  The elevator is still a bit perplexing to me though.  I also run regularly at the dog park helping my favorite person train for half marathons and triathlons.  Last week I ran two 7.5 milers (well, more like 10 milers for me because I’m bad and chase around after the prairie dogs).
Likes to chase…squirrels
Why I should win: I’m 10.5 and I survive that little dog behind me who is 7.5 years younger every day!  (Seriously…did you ever get a naughty little sister well into the golden years of your life?)



Name: Yo-yo
Residence: Durango, Colorado
Greatest Achievement: The eve before Yo-yo and I found each other was the biggest thunderstorm I have witnessed in my life. I was living in the Missouri Ozarks in a trailer with 30 other field biologists and went out the morning after the storm for a mountain bike ride. On my ride I found a scared drenched little puppy that ran into the ditch when he saw me. I put my bike down and he stepped closer. When I took off my helmet, he ran towards me and jumped into my arms! We shared a Lara Bar, and it was love at first bite! That day Yo-yo followed me five miles back to my home, and we began our adventure together. His greatest achievement is surviving the storm and allowing himself to be loved after  abandonment by previous owners.
Likes to chase…crunchy leaves blowing in the wind
Why I should win: Since we have been together, Yo-yo has been companion to me and my partner, Cody, on our many adventures. He has gone on a canoe trip in Missouri, slept in a hammock in Colorado, slept through a thunderstorm in a tent in Arkansas. He has braved a gondola, hiked to alpine lakes, hiked under the full moon. We are trying to expose our little dog, Yo, to as many weird situations as possible as a pup, so he can come with us on all our adventures and keep up with our busy lifestyle. Cody and I are both avid mountain bikers and are planning to be moving frequently the next few years for various field jobs. Yoyo will be bounding along beside us!



Name: Jackson
Residence: I own my own house, I let my parents live there
Greatest Achievement: I have hiked a couple Colorado fourteeners, napped afterwords for the better part of a week, camped in 20 degree weather, “skied” in snow deeper than my legs are long, but I have to say my greatest achievement is cheering up my mom and dad on any given day, no matter what has happened, with my full body wag and doggie grin.
Likes to chase…the usual (squirrels, cats, rabbits) but much prefers to be chased by other dogs – it’s my favorite game
Why I should win: I am a shelter dog who is now ridiculously spoiled and not wanting for much in life, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to win over every dog and human I meet! Give me a chance to win over a few more!



Name: Bella
Residence: Same as her humans
Greatest Achievement: High on Bella’s list of achievements are her multiple 14er, 13er ascents in Colorado, including following her owners up some ridiculously sketchy scree slopes, as well as explorations of countless unruly trails leading to treed summits in the Adirondacks of NY, but these are not her greatest achievements. Bella’s greatest achievement is her unwavering devotion to follow us to the ends of the Earth and ability to convey joy in every step and every moment of every adventure we pursue together. Her greatest achievement is in constantly reminding us of the virtues of living in the moment.
Likes to chase…Porkies (once…only once)
Why I should win: Bella should win because she is a joyous jester, thrilled with every outing, always up for absolutely anything and endlessly entertaining. She embodies and exudes the spirit of the mountains. It’s our belief that we missed a great opportunity for her to have her own TV reality show, but winning this contest would be a fitting entry on her resume…not that she could care less, as long as she’s along for the party!


44 thoughts on “Mountain Dog Photo Contest Finalists – VOTE NOW!”

  1. Canon, you are the best, for such an old guy. Yo-yo, a girl could lose herself in your ears. Trouble Henry, you’re the bad boy, you may as well drive a motorcycle. Jackson, you’re a red head , thus you get 100 extra points! Bella, well the name says it all, plus puppies are ridiculous.

  2. They’re all great!
    I’d vote for Trouble Henry because he looks like he’s ready for one or two 14’ers (on the same day!)

  3. Cool dogs! It’s to bad that only the Rocky Mountains seem to be represented though, I could have sworn I’ve seen pretty rad dogs in the Cascade Mountains (not to mention the Whites, Coast Range, Olympics, AK Range) ;)
    MG is the best, hope to see it in paper again some day.

  4. Wow, so hard to choose!!! But the “loved after abandoned” comment and puppy love won me over with Yo-Yo.

  5. Bella deserves this. Besides her hiking accomplishments following her insane human owners, she lost her best buddy, Maddie, earlier this year and got Porked with about n\100 quils a month ago. She is fearlous and resilient!! GO BELLA!!

  6. Best part is, I bet all of these dogs would get along great! Nice job pouchies. Next year though, get ready to vote for Carmela… mark my words

  7. Best part is, I bet all of these dogs would get along great! Nice job pouchies. Next year though, get ready to vote for Carmela… mark my words

  8. All winners! Animal companions are one of the best things in life.
    (Jericho would have entered but he’s now a South Dakota dog by way of Jackson Hole).

  9. Bella, if only they could see your actual smile, that toothy grin you share with your loved ones! Your “wet look” is no doubt a result of your endless curiosity! I’m sure you are the one that invented the slogan, GO FOR IT, because that’s certainly how you live life! You are an inspiration! We love you, Bella, GOOD LUCK!

  10. Artistically, the shot of Jackson looks the best. Sharp image, great framing, and a clearly photogenic subject. The others are cute.

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