X-Men: The Animated Series introduced me to Dark Phoenix Jean Grey’s transformation

From there, my X-Men obsession only grew. I collected action figures, trading cards, and even a set of X-Men pillow cases. When the first X-Men movie came out I saw it in theaters, same with X2, and even the terrible third film, X-Men: The Last Stand. Then something happened: I stopped caring. For the next 10 years, I missed as many movies as I saw. I lost interest in the X-Men cinematic universe, and the X-Men in general, as Marvel’s lesser heroes made an epic comeback in a cinematic universe of their own.

25 years after X-Men: The Animated Series introduced me to Dark Phoenix, the same story is getting a big-budget live action movie devoted entirely to Jean Grey’s transformation into an evil, alien energy force. I should be excited, but instead, it barely registers, and I’m not alone