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Aladdin should be no worse and Watch ridiculous villain in the entire Aladdin 2019 of Disney Online, Watch Aladdin 2019 Online Free Full Movie animated or real-image, Full Aladdin Movie Onlinethan the vizier Jafar of this new version of “Aladino” with actors and digital effects and performed by Guy Ritchie, who following the animation of 1992.Neither in the moments when, with the help of computers and the soundtrack, the character is supposedly more sinister, actor Marwan Kenzari ceases to look like a suburban “hipster” who decided to open a vegetarian tavern there in the social area to take advantage the fashion of healthy food. It’s not that on the heroes side the picture is better.

Aladdin 2019 Egyptian Mena Massoud, chosen to play Aladdin, is a pocket rattlesnake, as well as a loaf of bread without salt or screen presence. Even the Raja tiger and the Abu monkey – both digital – go better than them.

Almost everything that the animated “Aladdin” of Ron Clements and John Musker premiered almost 30 years ago, and today a classic of the genre, had this good, this “Aladdin” with people of flesh and bone and much software behind bad. And what adds to it again is dictated by the politically correct and feminist agenda. The original Agrabah, referred to as “barbarian” and a place where heads are cut, is now a joyful meeting place for cultures and ethnicities from across the globe; and Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott, a pretty face with a good voice) was injected with “girl power” and, rather than wanting to marry a prince and be happy, intends to succeed her father, the good old sultan, and govern Agrabah .The film even gives you an extra song (Alan Menken’s original Oscar-winning score is otherwise intact) for her to affirm her statesman intentions. But the song is banal and Ritchie is python filming the sequel.

And there is the Genie of the Lamp, which in the animated film of Clements and Musker had the look, voice and frenetic personality of the late Robin Williams, who joked jokes, to parties and puns faster than we could laugh at them. Will Smith has an inordinate task of succeeding him, and although we owe him the few good moments of the film, he does not have comedic ability, vocal virtuosity or a decent argument for reaching Williams’ heels. And Smith is also a victim of one of Aladdin’s biggest problems: poorly finished digital effects, which instead of suspending viewer disbelief and contributing to the magical and wonderful mood of the film, are always showing the seams and to denounce the artifice.

Guy Ritchie was recently responsible for one of the greatest crimes of Arthurian mythology in memory in “King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword”, and films here with a soft hand, a prosaic camera, narrative sloppiness, fuss or feet of lead ( one can see the “Bollywoodesque” musical sequences of the feast in honor of Prince Ali, and the final apotheosis, both of a mechanical banality), and with little capacity for wonder and fantasy, invariably shielding itself from the imperfect special effects to try get. “Aladdin” was supposed to be an exciting, comic, and marvelous ride on a flying carpet, but the rug seldom succeeds. And when he does, he starts prorating after two or three minutes and goes back to the ground.

There is no hero, song, special effect, magic lamp, enchanted carpet pirouette, ideological modernization or blue and jovial genius worthy of this new “Aladdin . ” Disney produced an Arabian disaster.

Co-ordinating the high expectations generated by the new adaptation to the screen, English director Guy Ritchie, the fifty-year-old famous for making films like Unusual Destiny , Sherlock Holmes and Agent of UNCLE , responds to the challenge proposed by Disney. In the remake, Agrabah follows like territory in which dramas and comedies extracted from plot are described described in the work the thousand and one nights. For the new film, the locations focused on England and Jordan.

Animated in the animated version, the pets of the central characters appear to have been preserved by Ritchie: the monkey Abu, the Rajah tiger and the Iago parrot are featured in the popular feature films. How much harnessing the songs from the original film, which brought pieces signed by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, also points to the suspense. Still, the star Will Smith was intimidated by taking on a new outfit for the well-known Prince Ali music.