Toy Story 4 ” succeeds the bet of extending the opus 3

By the strength of a scenario that amplifies all its stakes in a relatively small space (a funfair, an antique store, a motorhome), ” Toy Story 4 ” succeeds the bet of extending the opus 3 by a question that is a “double pass of relay”: should we do the same risk of confronting his “becoming-waste” or find his own way by venturing towards the unknown, to infinity and to -of the ? The perfect conclusion of the saga ” Toy Story”could only succeed in this question, without neglecting the achievements that tend to make every new episode a more crazy show than the previous one.In this respect, the highly charged staging of the beginner Josh Cooley – to whom we already owe a short film centered on the characters of ” Vice Versa ” – works wonders, the latter never missing one to exploit each scenery for narrative purposes, to offer beautiful winks which enriches instead of pretty (rich idea to quote ” Shining ” in an antique store where toys are like ghosts), to swing situational ironies here and there (thank you to two stuffed teddy bears well stamped who replay us the blow of ” And if … And if …And to offer a hilarious final climax from which emotion is never banished (we shed warm, sincere tears twice). In short, a film that one might have thought unnecessary, ultimately turns into a “new start” which, this time, really serves as a final point, worthy and powerful.