To the loyal members of the Mountain Gazette Tribe

To the loyal members of the Mountain Gazette Tribe,

By now many of you have heard that we’ve temporarily suspended the printed edition of Mountain Gazette. Please be assured we are working hard to make sure this isn’t the end of an era. It’s a bump in the road as we navigate a very difficult publishing landscape. Mountain Gazette has an incredible history, publishing a lengthy list of impressive works by the likes of Edward Abbey, Charles Bowden, Hunter S. Thompson, John Nichols and Mary Sojourner, and we want to make sure the legacy continues.

With that in mind, we are going to continue publishing new stories regularly on our website, As you know, the MG Rolodex includes an incredible list of writers, photographers, and artists, and we plan to continue to utilize their talents. While a digital magazine doesn’t offer the same experience as the printed issue, it does allow us to include longer stories that aren’t confined by page lengths.

Enough of the silver lining. We realize this isn’t ideal, but it’s the best we can offer right now. So please stick with us. We are encouraging readers to sign up to receive our email newsletters and to follow us on Facebook, so we can stay in touch about what is going on at Mountain Gazette online, as well as how things are progressing with the possible next iteration of the printed edition.