Postcard: World Championships, Beaver Creek, CO

Every two years, the alpine ski racing universe takes over a mountain and crowns 10 world champions in a fortnight. This year, said universe took over Beaver Creek in Colorado’s Vail Valley, the first time in 16 years the worlds have taken place on American snow. Say what you will about U.S. racing fans — how they only care during big events or don’t really understand the nuances — but they have shown up like there was free ice cream to be had. The stands have been packed every day, albeit with plenty of international flavor mixed in, and the action has featured both near-misses (see: Miller, Bode) and brilliance (see: the country of Austria and Maze, Tina). Also, when you win, they project your name onto the side of Vail Mountain overnight.

Photo by Devon O'Neil
Photo by Devon O’Neil