Postcard: Windswept and knee-naked

I don’t wear knee pads every time I go telemark skiing, but when it’s early in the season and the stumps and rocks are more exposed than usual, I never leave home without them. My friend Matt is the same way. On this recent day, however, he forgot to put them on before we started skinning, which left him exposed and cold at the top when he made amends. Reminder heeded. As an aside, I am writing this with the sun shining like an orb outside my window, sheepishly coveting a return to frigid days that turn your fingers numb.

Photo by Devon O’Neil

9 thoughts on “Postcard: Windswept and knee-naked”

  1. I religiously use knee pads, except for that one time. The powder wasn’t that deep. But it was mid season, Febuary, I was more concerned about hitting a limb under fresh snow. Skiing with a pack of guys, I was the 7th of nine to push off through the trees. The others had missed a spot between some old growth trees. I hit it, along with the rock that was under that untracked patch.Shattered the patella. The hike out was the worst thing I have endured, but I wasn’t going to be rescued by my buddies. I would never be able to live it down.
    Now, I really do feel naked when I ski without knee pads, even if it is on the bunny hill, on a warm spring day.

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