Postcard: Tucson, Arizona

“Watch out for the jumping cactus,” reigning national cross-country champion Howard Grotts told me before we set out for a ride on the 50-Year Trail in Tucson, Arizona last week. Maybe that was the problem: I was too busy watching out for a jumping cactus. Shortly before this photo was taken, I washed out my front wheel and landed hard on a rock, which opened a deep gash in my forearm the size of a steak fry. I never did see a jumping cactus.

Photo by Devon O’Neil

3 thoughts on “Postcard: Tucson, Arizona”

  1. this time of the year, here in sunny Arizona you better look out moreso for swarms of “snowbirds” (winter visitors) congesting the trails! typically they’re hiking in a row of 6-10 individuals, chattering away, so you’ll likely hear them well ahead of time, enabling you to keep a lookout for those jumping cactus!

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