Postcard: Nepal

If you’re like me, it has pained you deeply to read, watch and scroll through the various stories, photographs and videos that have chronicled the devastation resulting from last week’s earthquake in central Nepal. I have only been there once, but I keep thinking of the Nepalis I met on that trip and what might have happened to them last week. They are some of the most beautiful people on earth, inside and out; incredibly welcoming and curious, innocent and strong. I shot this photo of a six-year-old girl who walked up to us in a small village west of the quake’s epicenter and remained for an hour, saying nothing, just smiling and observing. I will never know her fate, but I hope she’s OK.


Photo by Devon O’Neil

2 thoughts on “Postcard: Nepal”

  1. Your Postcard: Nepal was simple, yet poignant. I have never been to Nepal, but have come to know many from there. I always leave them with a spiritual awareness of the experience. We should take time to pray and hope to whatever spirits you believe in, because these people are our brothers and sisters in the spirit world. So sad, especially with all the man-made disasters that engulf us now and to come. Mother Nature at her best is often the worst for humankind.

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