Postcard: Eagles Nest Wilderness, Colorado

July is a mesmerizing time to be above treeline in Colorado. This holds especially true for the Eagles Nest Wildnerness in the state’s northern mountains, notably the Gore Range, pictured here. Local trail runners hold sacred a 13-mile loop around Buffalo Mountain that takes you through some of the most ridiculous wildflower fields on earth. It’s not easy – you start with a 5-mile, 2,800-foot climb. But you emerge from the forest into this idyllic alpine scene. Not recommended for anyone allergic to the color purple.

Photo by Devon O’Neil

19 thoughts on “Postcard: Eagles Nest Wilderness, Colorado”

  1. What trails connect to make that 13-mile loop you speak of? Looking for a new backpacking weekend.

  2. Meadow Creek to Gore Range to the steep Buffalo Cabin connector to Lily Pad Lake. Not the greatest backpacking route, to be honest, since all the good stuff is behind Buffalo and it’s mainly just woods on the east side, but it makes for a world-class trail run.

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