Postcard: Crested Butte

Let’s face it, there are good dirt roads and there are bad dirt roads. Crested Butte has mostly good dirt roads. Some take you into a great expanse; others just let you get off the pavement downtown. But the feeling of freedom is the same.

CB alley

Photos by Devon O’Neil

2 thoughts on “Postcard: Crested Butte”

  1. not sure what the author’s definition is of what is a bad/good road? but, here in Arizona, sort of the center of the state is a remote mountain community. the road coming from either north, or south, is not in very good condition (that is a good road). this condition tends to keep the range rover, gentry, demanding, yuppie types out. conversely, a bad road is when the dirt road gets maintained or even worse improved, enticing the whining gentry to show up

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