Postcard: Creede, Colorado

Every autumn, my wife and I try and take a few days off to road trip and camp/run/bike/hike through southern Colorado. Our destinations vary by the year; sometimes we have no itinerary until we get on the road. This past weekend, we started with a night in Creede, proceeded to Durango and ended in Lake City for a snowy climb of Uncompahgre Peak, before making the sad return to reality late Monday night. Creede, a funky mining town at 8,800 feet with about 3,000 residents in summer and 400 in winter, was basking in one of the season’s final warm spells as we passed through. It was hard not to find a bench on Main Street and sit there until you fell asleep, gazing at singletrack and peaking aspen groves above town.

creede main street
Photo by Devon O’Neil