Postcard: Crazy colors in an empty Wilderness

Photo by Devon O'Neil
Photo by Devon O’Neil

Don’t worry, this is the last foliage photo of the year from me. It was taken in a northern Colorado Wilderness area on September 23. After hiking in six miles to reach our campsite, we spent four days staring at this scene. It almost became mundane … until we had to leave; then it became sad and even more beautiful than it had seemed all along.

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  1. My real thought on the subject: it's Tim's blog and he can do whatever the #$%& he wants! I honestly never even noticed the lack of name, because I never pay attention to the names to begin with. I just speed read through the questions so I can get to Dave's responses. That's just me, of course.

  2. Nice post Bob!I’ll be filming Elk hunts in Colorado and Idaho this season and appreciate your list. Good starting points for sure.RudyFounder & Filmmaker, Huntography

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