Postcard: Continental Divide Trail

As you probably know, the Continental Divide Trail, or CDT, does not follow the actual spine that delineates the Atlantic and Pacific watersheds the entire way from Canada to Mexico. But it stays close to that spine as it passes through the Rockies, often tracing the Divide itself. Where I live, the CDT veers a few miles west from the actual spine but does not lose any beauty. Ample bunches of Colorado’s state flower, the regal Columbine, still deem the CDT worthy of making it their home, and nothing says summer in the high country like freshly bloomed Columbines in a field of green set against a backdrop of 12,000- and 13,000-foot peaks.

Photo by Devon O’Neil

One thought on “Postcard: Continental Divide Trail”

  1. I’ve walked the CDT’s Colorado portion once all the way (plus a side trip down the Sangres and back), and parts of it many times. I used to own 74 acres near it, on 9 old mining claims above Billings Lake between Salida and Monarch Pass. Though I’m now living out my frail dotage in the Blue Ridge foothills of South Carolina, if pressed to name my home it would be the Continental Divide in Colorado.


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