Postcard: Como, Colorado

For all the western towns that have grown exponentially in recent decades, a smattering of their peers have remained more or less the same as ever. Como, Colorado, a railroad town founded in 1879, is a good example. I don’t think I could live there, but every fall, I try to visit on my bike and let the mellow vibe wash over me. To get there, you cross the Continental Divide and weave in and out of aspen trees on a long, technical singletrack. There’s no way to know in advance if the aspens have turned, which always provides extra motivation to find out.

como fall scene

4 thoughts on “Postcard: Como, Colorado”

  1. My family has a lot in Como (their was a cabin but it ingratiated over the years). My grandfather had to decide whether to buy a place in Como or Breckenridge, but chose Como because there was more going on in Como back then. Since then Brec has changed just a little bit more than Como

    1. That’s an interesting perspective from your grandfather’s point of view. What was the date that he chose Como?

  2. Your family would have made more money if grandpa had bought in Breckenridge, but I think you are richer with the place in Como.

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