South Park Saloon Alma Colorado

Postcard: Alma, Colorado

It’s not easy to be creative week in, week out when you run a marquee. But the chance of a boring person running a marquee becomes much lower when said marquee exists in Alma, Colorado—the highest incorporated town in America at 10,578 feet. Creative people (but not necessarily perfect spellers; one can only be so awesome) tend to live at high altitude. Seriously, you can look it up. Or just go talk to some folks in Alma. Start with the person who runs the marquee at the South Park Saloon.

South Park Saloon Alma Colorado
Photo by Devon O’Neil

4 thoughts on “Postcard: Alma, Colorado”

  1. Just look, Devon! The place is for sale. You could buy it and then invite Kray-fish, Dishpan, Mitchell, and myself up there for a cocktail hour spelling bee. Good piece, Chief.

  2. Ha. That sounds damn good. I considered cropping out the RE sign and just focusing on the marquee, but I figured if anyone is going to buy the South Park Saloon, the world will be better off if that person is a Gazette aficionado.

  3. Just thinking out loud here (always a dangerous endeavor) but that place looks perfect for a Mountain Gazette office. We could double up and go broke selling stuff and publishing. Best of the season to the Tribe.


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