Pawny, a tiny alien the heroes befriend who is both funny MIB 4

I also saw some lazy writing that worked all too conveniently for the protagonists. To be fair, the original MIB films had their fair share of implausible moments and coincidences. But they were virtually cartoons. They were supposed to be stupid and funny.

This is one of the problems with “Men in Black: International”: The film seems uncertain whether it wants to be completely goofy and out-there, or to have a serious edge.

In fact, the film picks up in the third act, when it seems to have decided to abandon all reason and to take the goofy and fun route. It was then it finally felt like a MIB movie.

Another upside was the character Pawny, a tiny alien the heroes befriend who is both funny and likeable. Overshadowing the protagonists when he is onscreen, he was another part of the film that felt truly “MIB.”

Compared to the original, it was a huge let-down, but the film definitely has its moments. The 115-minute film might have been better if the director had cut about 20 minutes of convoluted plot points and exposition and just left all the fun stuff in, which are definitely there.

Truth be told, I just wanted to see a funny-as-hell action flick about secret agents busting aliens.