Beautiful or Ugly

You tell me. While exploring Robbers Roost Canyon in Utah last week, we flipped over a rock to use it to hold down a tarp or something benign like that and found this guy. I found it to be rather beautiful. His green extremities, black body, and he was backed up into a small opening in the rocky slope. My wife found it less amusing and admitted it might not bother her so much if it wasn’t so poisonous. Anyone know what kind of scorpion this is?

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Cameron Martindell

Cameron Martindell lives in Boulder with his wife and daughter.

One thought on “Beautiful or Ugly”

  1. “Your” scorpion really is pretty. Since no one else has yet written an answer to identify it, I’ll try. NOTE: I’m no expert; just a best guess. I spent about 30 minutes online searching and I think it might be: Hadrurus spadix. This type of scorpion fits your description of where it was found and your pic shows sand, so it MIGHT be this type. From my search: Hadrurus spadix is native to the southern deserts of North America; likes to burrow. Also the venom isn’t normally toxic, but the sting would still hurt. Best that you and your wife left it alone.

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