Mysterio declaring that Spidey created the entire event with drones

Nick Fury and Maria Hill don’t have much to do here besides boss Peter around. They seem clueless and useless for most of the film, but it is revealed during the after credit scene why this is (which I will get into later). Other supporting characters such as MJ, Ned, Aunt May, Happy Hogan, and Flash Thompson serve strict comedic relief roles. There is little depth to any character besides Peter and Mysterio, which makes it hard to really care about anyone. When Ned’s life is in danger I barely care. In fact, I almost wanted Mysterio to kill a supporting character, so that I could feel something for the diverse cast.

While Far From Home is better than Homecoming, it’s mainly due to that action sequences and the initial jerk of the plot twist. This is by no means a bad movie, but it isn’t magnificent either. Tom Holland is still a perfect Spider-Man, which is the franchise’s strongest point by far. He’s lovable, dorky, immature, and flawed. Strong performances from him and Jake Gyllenhaal help keep this movie from being mediocre.
There are two scenes after the film ends, a post-credit scene and a mid-credit scene. The mid-credit scene is a great nod to Mysterio’s appearance in the comics. In the source material, the clever villain frames Spider-Man for horrific crimes, and he does the same in Far From Home. Spider-Man is blamed for the Elemental attacks, with Mysterio declaring that Spidey created the entire event with drones to solidify himself as the best hero. He then drops a bombshell and reveals the true identity of Spider-Man. Peter was the only hero in the MCU with a secret identity anyway, so its good they finally tore that band-aid off. I’m also sure that Nicky Fury, Happy Hogan, Maria Hill, MJ, Ned, and the Avengers will be able to clear Peter’s name of all wrongdoing in time. But it will be interesting how they maneuver into Phase 4 with Peter being viewed as a public enemy and his identity being revealed.

Finally, during the post-credit scene, it is revealed that the Nicky Fury and Maria Hill on Earth are Skrulls in disguise. We see that the real Fury is actually in space on a station being run by the Skrulls. This is a big nod in two directions. First, it shows that Marvel is looking to move their universe to the stars, with Fury set to keep an eye on the galaxy instead of just the Earth now. Second, it sets up a potential Secret Invasion storyline. A one-liner from Fury/Skrull during the film also suggests that the Kree and Skrull war is far from over. This means we should expect Captain Marvel, The Eternals, and The Guardians of the Galaxy to steer the overall plot into the next chapter. Cheers, to phase 4!