MIB series in the opening scene took me back to the late 1990 dramatic close

Molly (Tessa Thompson) — who had a run-in with an alien and the Men in Black as a child — tracks down the top-secret agency and convinces O, the head of MIB’s US branch, to hire her as a probationary agent, M.

Smart, knowledgeable and headstrong, M teams up with H on a mission to guard alien royalty, but gets dragged into an intergalactic conspiracy when the mission goes horribly wrong.

Seeing the familiar fonts of the MIB series in the opening scene took me back to the late 1990s, when annoying dramatic close-ups were everywhere and “Wassuuuuuup” was a thing for some reason. It had me nostalgic and craving for a cheesy, cartoony film, even more so after Neeson’s “I hate Paris” line. Corny? Yes, but I was ready to eat it up.

Then the film slapped me awake from my delusion.

The tone of the movie was very different from the original. The MIB trilogy was more like a cartoon than the comics it was based on, which were actually not so light-hearted. Even the death scenes in “Men in Black: International” were somewhat grotesque, unlike the silly and gross ones in the original.

Hemsworth and Thompson are both charming actors whose presence can be felt on screen, but with a weak script, they felt like cheap knockoffs. This is supposed to be a buddy film, yet their chemistry was not strong, and I felt that their pairing and quarreling in “Thor: Ragnarok” was more convincing and fun. It’s unfortunate because Thompson is a very talented actress, and Hemsworth can be incredibly funny.

So, this wasn’t a good “MIB film.” How does it hold up on its own merit, then? To that I’d say, just OK.